Encouraging Employee Giving

Engage your employees and encourage local philanthropy! Finding ways to educate your employees about Giving is Gorges can help spread your impact and cast a wider net for our local nonprofit community.

  • Match employee gifts made during Giving is Gorges
  • Put posters or flyers in your business, office, and well trafficked locations
  • Create internal staff competition to help employees favorite charities win cash prizes throughout the day
  • Motivate employees to give by having a dress down day or start a drawing for PTO, paid volunteer time, a prized parking, or other incentives
  • Cater in lunch or treat staff to bagels and coffee during Giving is Gorges
  • Promote Giving is Gorges regularly in emails, staff meetings, employee intranet, or your social media accounts
  • Create your own fundraising page to promote your favorite nonprofit
  • Invite a member from GiveGab or a local nonprofit to come in and speak to your employees about the event and encourage giving.

Looking for more insight to better engage your employees? Reach out to us at info@givingisgorges.org and we're happy to help however we can :)