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Getting Started With Business Fundraisers

Highlight your employee, affiliate, and patron giving initiatives through Business Fundraising during Giving is Gorges

Creating a Business Fundraiser profile on allows your business to make a larger impact in your community by encouraging your employees, affiliates, and patrons give back to the amazing nonprofits operating in Tompkins County.

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What is a Business Fundraiser?

A Business Fundraiser is a company, local business, corporation, or any for-profit entity that wishes to take part in community giving on GiveGab by setting up a business profile to encourage their employees and patrons to give to charitable causes in their communities.

Business Fundraisers inspire and empower their employees, customers, vendors, and stakeholder to give back to causes that are meaningful to them, learn about new ones, and spark friendly competition that benefits the community.

As a Business Fundraiser, your employees, customers, and other affiliates will be able to select your business' name at checkout after making their donation.

Business Fundraisers have been making a huge impact on Giving Days this year. You can read about the successes giving days have experienced utilizing Business Fundraisers here!

How do Business Fundraisers interact with Giving is Gorges

  • A business that joins the day as a Business Fundraiser will have a dedicated link in which they will share out to employees to get more information about the day

  • Donors will select your business from a drop-down list on the donation form which will allow their donation to be credited to the Business Fundraiser

  • Businesses can use the fundraiser page to track employee giving and any matching initiatives they may have

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  • Check Out Our Current Business Fundraiser Profiles

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