Sample Email Template For Your Business

Email is the easiest and fastest way to get the word out about Giving is Gorges to your employees. Below is a sample email template you can customize and send off to your employees!

Sample Subject Lines:

  • Our charities need YOUR support!
  • Why [Name of Company] supports Tompkins County nonprofits
  • 24 hours to show support for YOUR local causes

Sample Content:

[Name of Company] supports Tompkins County nonprofits. [Explanation of your involvement, the organizations that your company supports]. The charities in our community all work to make Giving is Gorges a better place to live, work and visit.

On June 1, Tompkins County will have its fourth annual giving day – Giving is Gorges. We have the chance to do something remarkable: raise as much money and volunteer hours as possible for the charities throughout Tompkins County during Giving is Gorges. Across our community, people like us will be going online to Giving is Gorges and giving to the cause they care about.

It is 24 hours of exceptional giving. It is a way to join with thousands of others to stand together and show our support for Tompkins County nonprofits. As [Name of Company] strives to support local nonprofits during Giving is Gorges, I hope each of you will take the time to give on this special day.

To give back, just head to and find a cause that speaks to your passions! Together we can make a difference.